Enjoy the Benefits of Membership


Feels Good to Belong

Get exclusive pricing, notifications, and more when you become a member


Make it Work for You

Switch between membership plans, cancel, or skip a month at any time


Increased benefits

Enjoy increased benefits with a regular float schedule.


Sixty Minutes of blissful Floating

Immediate $10 Savings

$49 / Month


Two Sixty Minute Floats a Month

Save Almost $30

$89 / Month


Four Sixty Minute Floats of blissful Floating

Save yourself $77

$159 / Month

Questions + Answers

How does this work?
Select your membership level and sign up. Every month you'll have your floats automatically loaded on your account to schedule at your convenience. After joining, let us know if you'd like your membership to renew on a specific date such as the 1st of the month.

Can I change what plan I'm on?
Certainly. You have the option to switch between plans at anytime. Members also have the option to skip a month and not be charged. Memberships are automatically renewed every month.

What if I miss a month?
Not a problem at all. If your schedule doesn't permit you to float during a month, the float simply rolls over for you to enjoy at a later date. Members never lose floats.

Can I share a membership?
You sure can! At LEVITY all of our multi-float bundles and memberships are shareable with friends, family, and loved ones.