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Matt Stangel floated nine times in a two week period, below are snippets of his experience, and some others:

Intense inward experience isn’t the only outcome. After my third session, beer—a once-favorite beverage—becomes entirely unappealing, along with alcohol in general, a side effect that lasts for weeks after my ninth session. I also notice a marked increase in my overall sense of well-being, while my persistent anxiety disappears completely. Additionally, I begin to write creatively with an uninhibited ease that I haven’t experienced in years. I am astounded by the changes.

Through discussions with other floaters, I learn that these experiences aren’t uncommon. Samantha LaMont, a professional baker, could be a poster child for the benefits of floating. Since her first sessions in 2011, this weekly floater has quit smoking and lost 60 pounds following a tank-born urge to take up swimming, while eliminating sugar and alcohol from her diet for several-month stretches. “I feel like a totally different person,” says LaMont.

“Normally my head is several different radio stations playing at once,” explains tattoo and comic artist Levi Greenacres. But in the tank, he found relief: “With the lack of sensory stimulation to intake and compute, I discovered an inert state of un-ness, the need to think, feel, and feed completely abolished. The quiet in there is total comfort.”

“After floating I feel very open and calm, and less prone to distractions,” says illustrator Natalie Phillips. “The better I feel emotionally or physically, the better I am able to focus.” (Source)

Join the others who are resetting their minds of unhealthy habits and enjoying a newfound life.

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